Sunday, October 15, 2017

Now your virtual assistant means more customers

We, at 360 Virtual Assistants, are trying our best to offer more and more services as a package. Together with the traditionally offered virtual assistant services as correspondence management, diary and business trip organizing, data entry and data management, etc. especially to self- employed and entrepreneurs, now we can be even more helpful with crafting customized strategy to our clients to increase the number of their customers and revenue using the tools of the digital marketing. Our work means detailed reports and transparency- customer is aware each steps on the way, what and how we are doing, and if something needs to be changed we do implement it on the go.

We are  available for a call or meeting to discuss our program in details.                                    Tel. +971 4 4558 444

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Increase number of your customers through digital marketing

Businesses worldwide struggle to beat the competition and attract more and more customers. In the era of the internet, everyone opts for on-line tools to achieve this target.

Those are the facts based on a survey back in 2013:
  • 78% of Internet users conduct product research online;
  • 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine;
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results;
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine;
The importance of designing and re-designing of website

Therefore crating a website from scratch does not mean just a design, but also optimization work for a long term on- line exposure.
Sometimes re-designing a website, without considering the search engine optimization, may lead to a damage, that could not be recovered easily.

Be aware of "cheap" SEO providers

Businesses should be aware of the "cheap" SEO service providers, as they may not only add benefit, but also could lead the website to be heavily penalized by Google for violating their code of conduct.

The professional digital marketers

don't promise to perform a magic on the website in no time. They keep the client fully aware about every step on the way.

We'll be happy to meet and discuss your business needs in details and how we can help you to grow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We are Back

Hello Followers and Clients,

We are back  after a year of a hard work to enhance and develop the list of services we offer and search for new team members to suit best the requirements of our clients.
Now we are ready to start the new business 2017 fully renovated and charged with a positive spirit to serve better.
Along with the traditional services we've been offering (data entry, business correspondence, business and life style schedule management, legal assistance, translation, social media, customer service, research, graphic design, website day-to-day management, etc.), we added some new aspects to our portfolio:

- Along with company set up in the UAE, We offer some alternative services like establishing partnerships with companies in the UAE and the Gulf countries in accordance with your company requirements, if you are a company located outside the UAE and you are looking to expand your business in the region.

- Crafted business assistance to independent brokers and self employed individuals, who need help in the area of data entry, data management and day-to-day business schedule organizing.

- As affiliated to 360 Solutions company, the leader in digital archiving and promoter of paperless concept (, we provide assessments and consultancy on how an organization can take the steps to move to a more paperless environment.

Moreover, we are ready to answer any other inquiries our clients may have and customize our services to compliment their business.

Wishing all our followers and clients a very happy and prosperous New 2017!

Hope to have more fruitful and successful business!

Mariyana Stankova
360 Virtual Assistance

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Season menu and gift designs

With the holiday season just around the corner, we'd like to offer our help to design your Christmas and New Yea's Eve menu, special offers, gifts- let us help you share the festive spirit with your customers.
Our graphic designer already started getting the orders, so don't wait till the last minute, but contact us. Ready to arrange a meeting or visit you if you are in Dubai.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make money with the help of the Virtual Assistant

Guide on how to make money with the help of the Virtual Assistant.

We've read so many articles, blogs and statements about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and we all know the crucial points such as getting flexible by not keeping full time office staff who always comes together with all the extra expenses, getting support no matter where in the world you are, having always in hand a professional and at the same time somebody you can confide in, etc.

It’s simple, the virtual assistant first will save your money by replacing your full time employee(s) whom you have to pay monthly salary, end of service benefits, maternity leave, may be visas expenses, coffee breaks, chats, etc. and to ensure the necessary office space and related facilities. And even after paying all those extras there is no guarantee that you will get the quality of service that you hope to.

Having a professional to handle all your administrative tasks, business correspondence, travel arrangements, daily schedule, eventsmarketing campaigns, etc. will provide you with more time and energy to focus on developing your business strategy, networking, drawing more products and services into your portfolio, and at the end you will make more money.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Your restaurant menu is your restaurant's business card

Do you realize that the menu at your restaurant or cafe is the most important marketing and sales tool, this is the face of your brand the way your customer see it, most of the time before even deciding to enter your outlet or not (just by visiting your website).
If your customer decides to give it a try without a preliminary investigation, then it comes to the way he feels by taking the menu in his hand- the paper, colors, design, language, etc. The way he feels while reviewing your menu pre-defines how much he spends in your restaurant or cafe, and most importantly, if he would come back and made his friends visit you.
A well-designed menu, which is attractive to your customers, definitely reflects your revenue in a positive way. 
And it's not only about the menu, the tray mats, thank you cards, wraps, etc. are also major players in the customer service game.
We, at 360 Virtual Assistants, understand the importance of the design for your business growth. We've designed for various outlets in Dubai and U.A.E. We can also translate your menu in Arabic in order to attract more customers. And much more...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Corporate Identity (Branding) or your Services and Products recognized

What is corporate identity?
Corporate identity signifies the organization's uniqueness, mission, values. A company with a corporate identity has its own personality. This is the face of the company, the face recognized by its customers, investors and competitors.

Importance of investing in corporate identity
Investment in corporate identity translates to investing in an attractive business and social image  Corporate identity is a sign of success and statement to be recognized in your industry and society.

How we can help
Consulting and Designing your logo, business cards, marketing brochures, company portfolio, printed pieces, packaging, page-layouts, menu and services cards, etc.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Are you a Business Executive or an Entrepreneur? Do you feel this way? Learn why ...

Miss to spot or answer an important e-mail
Fail to put in writing everything you wish
Miss an important meeting
Fail to organize your business trip
Not being able to find an important contact of a client or business partner just because your database is a mess.
Fail to organize efficient marketing campaigns- just nobody around to prepare and send newsletters or put texts in upscale magazines
Not being able to prepare your monthly reports- simply no time and no researches done

The score:

May be more………….= NOT ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS!!!


Admit you are stressed
Admit you can’t do everything around your office yourself
Admit you can’t be secretary and boss at the same time
Admit you need to save time to overview your business and create strategies
Admit that this situation has to be change
Admit that you need somebody to rely on
Admit that simply you need help





Monday, November 18, 2013

Jumpstart the new 2014 with a Virtual Business/Lifestyle Assistant

New Year is just around the corner and again we have a special offer for you starting December 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014. It's time to start making more money and free time to concentrate on important things in your life. 
We want to offer you 3 days absolutely free trial period. You pay nothing but get:
  • Free assessment of your business, administration or lifestyle needs.
  • Detailed plan on how we can help your business grow or ease the pressure of your everyday tasks.
  • 3 days to try our services free of charge.
All you need to do is just drop us an e-mail at: and mention in the subject: New Year Special Offer.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Full time assistant in the office Vs Virtual Assistant

When employing full time assistant at the office you have to consider:

Paying monthly salary

Paying for annual leave

Paying for time not spent in work but when being late; chatting with office mates, on the phone or on line; having unlimited coffee and cigarette breaks

Paying for sick or maternity leaves

Paying health insurance, end of service and other social benefits

Paying over head

Virtual business assistant means:

No full time administrative staff at your office to pay for- use help only when you need

Assistance at any location in the world

Support during holidays and out of business hours

Commitment to meet urgent deadlines

Security in handling and transmitting information

Flexible service plans: hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

360 Virtual Assistants- Your virtual Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is the executive responsible in customer-centric companies for the total relationship with an organization’s customers.  He is the secret weapon for building customer strategy. This position is relatively new  and it was developed to provide a single vision across all methods of customer contact. A consistent customer experience is mandatory as unsatisfied customers choose to change vendors if they do not get the support they require to meet their expectations. 
360 Virtual Assistants can be your virtual Chief Customer Officer in your organization, using different methods to meet the preferences and lifestyle of your customers, either as your voice or web chat customer service agent. We can design experience for your customers rather than process. 
As your outsource COO we reframe problems and opportunities from the customer’s perspective, not from the internal point of view that business process improvement takes most of the time. 360 Virtual Assistants provides with new business architectures and operating models like virtually connecting with your customers, using the potential of live web chat, email correspondence, social networks, dynamic networks where customers share problems and success stories, etc. 
For more information and free consultation:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Customer Service Intelligent Outsourcing= Excellency

360 Virtual Assistants offer customer service intelligent outsourcing using interactive methods- e-mail, telephone, sms, online chat, etc. This is an ideal solutions for companies which do not maintain offices in the U.A.E. or in the GCC, but need to relate adequately to their customers in this region in terms of local culture and specific conditions.

Customer Service Intelligent Outsourcing translates into:

  • Providing a full range of information about the company, products, services, solutions, etc.
  • Back office services
  • Handling inquiries and orders
  • Submitting quotes
  • Proactive complaint management
  • Organizing shipping
Benefits of Customer Service Intelligent Outsourcing:

  • Cost cutting- the company doesn't maintain a physical office with all the related running and human resources cost.
  • Local availability
  • Staffing flexibility
  • Giving your business a competitive edge
  • Overall increase and success of your business

For contact: 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

360 Virtual Assistants creates logo for Elegance Travel

360 Virtual Assistants creates logo for Elegance Travel& Tourism

E-mail for contacts if you want us to create a logo for you:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Business Setup in Bulgaria

360 Virtual Assistants in collaboration with Elegance Travel ( offers business setup services in Bulgaria- from company registration and authorization to business operation and management assistance.
Company registration in Bulgaria takes 2-3 weeks and we are here to assist you with all the steps.
E-mail for contact:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

360 Virtual Assistants translates the official website of Nature Gift Holding

360 Virtual Assistants translated the official website of Nature Gift Holding offering L-Argenine based products), from Russian to English

Contact for a quote to translate your website.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where to find 360 Virtual Assistants

360 Virtual Assistants are based in Dubai- U.A.E.

Tel. +971 4 452 77 11


Facebook page:


V Cita to schedule a meeting, phone call or video call: