For your Lifestyle

Helping you to enjoy your life - without the hassle.
If your work or business consumes all your time, or you are busy socialite or house wife, and in addition you have so many tasks to run on the list such as organizing personal and family events, shopping physically or on-line and choosing gifts for special occasions, organizing appointments with your doctor, scheduling that long awaited holiday in your dream destination, arranging membership in your preferred club, etc. we can be there for you, virtually, no matter where in the world you are, or on- site (if you are located in U.A.E. or U.K.).
If you are a busy socialite for sure you would require multi tasking life assistant to manage to produce a glamorous corporate or charity event, to get you VIP tickets for a concert or restaurant, to arrange an appointment with the best doctor, to travel in style, to have fun at the best spots, etc.
  • Personal diary management and reminders (doctor’s appointments, SPA days & breaks, special occasions; tickets for cinema, sports and music events, etc. )
  • Budget management & handling your monthly bills
  • Researches on where to find what
  • Shopping on line
  • Event organizing and preparation of the guest list
  • Gift consulting and finding, flower bouquet delivery
  • Liaising with government and private institutions on your behalf
  • Relocation management
  • Holiday & weekend organizing ( spotting the perfect location for you, travel, hotel booking & program management )
  • Dealing with pets holiday arrangements

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