Monday, August 1, 2011

Outsource your business correspondence

Another routine task that can be outsourced.

Apart from saving your time and money to pay to a full time assistant we can help you avoid writing awkward professional e-mails that can easily cause misunderstanding and worse- loss of business. We would just need a brief description of the situation and we can shoot that important e-mail right on time helping you to achieve your goal precisely.
We can also monitor your business e-mail account, detect on the spot the important messages and let you know in brief the content. Working together by the time we would be able even to answer directly most of your e-mails getting to know your perosnality and business attitude. Of course all this can be done only through signing Confidential Diclosure Agreement from our side to ensure that all your personal and business matters will be handled under strict confidentiality.
We've done this before and the clients who started with us can't get along without us and we carry stable business relations based on trust for years.
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